Reduce Your Electricity Bill and Carbon Footprint with Battery Storage

Convergent is the most dependable provider of energy storage solutions in North America and the largest owner and operator of battery storage in Canada.


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We use energy storage to help large commercial and industrial facilities reduce their electricity spend $1M or more – and improve their carbon footprint – at no cost.

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Energy Storage in Ontario: A No-Brainer

Large commercial and industrial power consumers in Ontario pay 65% more for electricity than in the rest of Canada.

This is due to the structure of the Global Adjustment charge.

What is Global Adjustment Change?Partner with Canada’s Most Trusted Energy Storage Developer

Battery Storage Savings

$450,000/MW X 5MW = $2,250,000 PER YEAR

Convergent finances, owns, and operates battery energy storage systems to reduce Global Adjustment charges by “peak shaving,” or dispatching the battery when electricity is most expensive.

Using electricity from the battery—rather than the grid—during those peaks saves $450,000/MW at current pricing. If a facility’s load is 5MW, a Convergent battery system can save $2,250,000 annually, which is shared between Convergent and our customers. 

How Much Will My Facility Save?

Why Convergent


of all operating Ontario energy storage assets are owned by Convergent


project completion rate


saved for customers using Convergent’s PEAKIQ® asset management platform


half of Convergent’s C&I customers are Fortune 100 businesses


largest C&I battery storage system in Canada was developed by Convergent

Spotlight: Our Joint Venture with Shell New Energies

Shell New Energies selected Convergent to develop battery storage systems at two of their facilities, located in Sarnia, Ontario and Brockville, Ontario. The systems reduce the consumption of energy for the facilities by up to one third of typical demand while increasing the reliability and long-term sustainability of the grid. 

This 10 MW / 20 MWh battery energy storage project is the biggest behind-the-meter battery energy storage system in North America.

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Convergent has a strong track record of delivering cost savings and resiliency services to large industrial customers. This energy storage offering complements the broader suite of solutions, including energy efficiency and energy management, that we already provide.

Eric BradleyGlobal General Manager Connected Energy, Shell New Energies

Save Big with PEAK IQ®

A battery that is not effectively managed is just a giant paperweight. The real value comes from how it is operated.  

Convergent’s proprietary PEAK IQ asset management platform has saved our customers over $50M by collecting and analyzing over 100M datapoints per day. With over 43,800 hours of asset operation and optimization, PEAK IQ is the long-running, most accurate peak prediction platform in Ontario.  

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