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Global Adjustment charges in Ontario often make up more than 50% of a commercial or industrial customer’s total electricity bill.

As the first company to bring an energy storage system online to address Global Adjustment charges, and the largest operator of energy storage in the province, Convergent is the “peak” Global Adjustment buster in the business.

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Convergent has a strong track record of delivering cost savings and resiliency services to large industrial customers. This energy storage offering complements the broader suite of solutions, including energy efficiency and energy management, that we already provide.

Eric BradleyGlobal General Manager Connected Energy, Shell New Energies

We look forward to realizing significant savings from this system to help us remain competitive over the long-term. This battery system is a crucial part of our innovative, forward-looking strategy to decrease both operating costs and our overall environmental impact.

Robert MeekDirector, Global Facilities, Husky Injection Molding

I speak with energy managers all the time who want to do something, but their companies are concerned about being first movers in their respective industries. Now that Convergent has several completed projects in Ontario and more in the pipeline, the real risk industrials face is paying more for energy than they need to. I want to ensure that prospective customers don’t get left behind.

Toby TiktinskySenior Vice President, Business Development

Global Adjustment & Your Business

Global Adjustment (GA) was established by the Provincial Government in 2005 to cover the cost of providing adequate generating capacity and conservation programs for Ontario. Ontario-based customers with a load over 500 kW who participate in the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) pay a GA fee based on their percentage contribution to Ontario’s top five peak demand hours over a 12-month period. These customers are known as “Class A.”

The top five hours of peak demand in a year occur on the days in which the greatest number of MW of electricity are withdrawn from the IESO-controlled grid by all market participants in Ontario.

In order to stay competitive, more and more “Class A” customers are looking to “coincident peak shaving” strategies like energy storage to reduce their energy usage during grid peaks and lower their electricity bills.

Convergent’s energy storage solutions are saving millions of dollars each year for commercial and industrial customers in Ontario by reducing or eliminating our customers’ energy use during the top five annual grid peaks.

Energy Storage Makes the Most Cents

Ontario’s electricity rates are higher than any other province and, since 2006, have risen four times as fast as inflation (The Globe and Mail). Convergent can eliminate GA charges and lower your bill up to 40%.

Electricity Pricing in Ontario



GA now eclipses every other line item on the utility bill, constituting 50-70% of the total cost.

Energy storage also hedges against rising energy costs, solves power quality issues, and supports corporate sustainability goals.


Using an energy storage solution to reduce Global Adjustment charges requires more than a state-of-the-art system. It requires the intelligence and capability to dispatch the energy storage system at the exact right time.

Convergent’s PEAK IQ algorithm is 25% more accurate than public market forecasts.

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company to bring a Global Adjustment energy storage system online.


more accurate at peak prediction than public market forecasts using our PEAK IQ algorithm.
online makes us the largest operator of energy storage solutions in Ontario.

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