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Over the next 10 years, the U.S. needs to add 20 gigawatts of peak capacity to its grid.

Convergent’s energy storage solutions solve capacity and reliability challenges for utilities.

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Convergent was an excellent company to deal with. We would be thrilled to work with them again. The pricing that they offered was the best in the market at the time, the service that they provided was excellent, and they were very transparent and easy to work with. Ultimately, it was a very successful collaboration.

Rich SilkmanFounder of Grid Solar


Non-Wires Alternatives or NWAs

Storage reduces demand on specific utility infrastructure, thereby deferring or avoiding upgrade costs.

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Grid Services

Storage provides energy, capacity, and reliability services in wholesale power markets.

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Locational Capacity

Storage supports electric grid reliability in a particular area.

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Renewables Integration

Storage integrates intermittent renewable generation by matching when the resource generates power (while the sun shines or wind blows) with the demand for electricity.

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Wholesale Market Cost Reduction

Storage manages utility exposure to wholesale market energy costs.

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With over a decade of direct utility experience, I know utilities are looking for cost-effective storage solutions. From NWA deferral projects to targeted capacity and grid balancing services, Convergent gets it done.

Robin GraySenior Vice President, Engineering and Project Development