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Unlock Savings and Reduce Carbon Emissions with Energy Storage or Solar-Plus-Storage

Convergent takes the hassle out of energy storage.

We’ve saved businesses up to 40% off their electricity bills.

Why Energy Storage


Storing energy when it’s cheap and dispatching it when it’s expensive generates savings that impact your bottom line.

No Change to Operations

You don’t have to change anything about the way your facility runs; the battery just reduces cost.

Greater Reliability

Our energy storage solutions can respond in milliseconds, ensuring power consistency and quality during grid events.


Energy storage is used to store and dispatch renewable energy including solar and wind power.

Why Solar-Plus-Storage (Paired Solar PV and Battery Storage)?

If you’re thinking about solar energy, you should be thinking about energy storage, too. Here are the top three benefits of adding a battery energy storage system to your solar PV:

Use Solar When You Need it Most (Even if it’s Cloudy)

Supersize Your Solar

Manage Outages and Grid Interruptions

Thinking about adding a battery to your Solar PV system? Learn more!

How Industrial-Scale Energy Storage Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

Without energy storage (i.e., how the electric grid has been for the past century), electricity must be produced and consumed exactly at the same time. Energy storage systems allow energy to be stored when it is least expensive—and least carbon-intensive–and discharged—at the most expensive, carbon-heavy times. A win-win!

Today, the primary form of energy storage is Lithium-ion-based battery storage, the same technology as the batteries in our cell phones and electric vehicles … at a much larger scale. 

Customer Spotlight: Shell New Energies

Shell New Energies selected Convergent to develop battery storage systems at two of their facilities. The systems reduce the consumption of energy for the facilities by up to one-third of typical demand while increasing the reliability and long-term sustainability of the grid. One of the systems is a 10 MW / 20 MWh battery energy storage project, which was the biggest behind-the-meter battery energy storage system in North America (as of 2019). 

Performance-Based Partnership

Convergent is committed to the long-term success of our customers by financing, owning, and operating energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems on their behalf. Our contracts are performance-based, which means we only get paid if we create value. Additionally, our no capital expenditure service offering allows businesses to avoid tapping into capital budgets while sharing in the cost savings we deliver.

Energy Storage Sector Key Takeaways

Energy Storage Only

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Our Process

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