Time is Money

Demand charges account for 25-50% of the average commercial or industrial electricity bill.

These demand charges are based on how much energy your facility uses at specific times, known as peak periods. In other words, time is money.

At Convergent, we dispatch our energy storage solution during peak periods to lower your electricity bill.

Why Energy Storage?


Storing energy when it’s cheap and dispatching it when it’s expensive generates savings that impact your bottom line.

No Change to Operations

You don’t have to change anything about the way your facility runs; the battery just reduces cost.

Greater Reliability

Our energy storage solutions can respond in milliseconds, ensuring power consistency and quality during grid events.


Energy storage is used to store and dispatch renewable energy including solar and wind power.

More Power to You

Last year, the average power outage in the U.S. lasted 81 minutes.

For a commercial or industrial facility, time is money. Interrupting production—for any amount of time—is costly. Energy storage solutions support businesses that can’t afford a gap in production.

In 2017, 36.7 million people were affected by 3,526 reported power outages.

The duration of power outages and the number of people affected by them is skyrocketing, posing a great financial risk to commercial and industrial facilities.

As a New Jersey native, I work with local businesses to evaluate the financial case for energy storage and design solutions to save money and increase reliability.

Fay MuhammadManager, Business Development

Energy storage puts you back in the power seat.

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