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Convergent is a leading developer of energy storage solutions in North America

Convergent has Consistently Been Ahead of the Curve in the Energy Storage Sector

Get Ahead of the Curve with Convergent

It’s been exciting and enormously fulfilling to be a part of and help guide the energy storage industry since its inception. The inability to cost-effectively store electrons has been the biggest obstacle to a more renewable-powered grid, but not anymore. Energy storage—most often lithium-ion-based battery storage—allows businesses to avoid peak pricing and utilities to reduce wholesale demand and energy costs while increasing reliability and supporting the clean energy transition. 2021 was the inflection point for the energy storage industry in North America.

Johannes RittershausenCEO

About Convergent: A Brief History

Convergent was founded over a decade ago, in 2011. Our mission has not wavered: build an energy landscape that is less expensive, more reliable, and increasingly sustainable—one that benefits our employees, customers, communities, and planet.

Back in 2011, deploying commercial-, industrial-, and utility-scale battery storage to support the electric grid was a relatively new concept. While other firms shared our mission to accelerate the clean energy transition through AI-powered energy storage, few understood how to actually execute projects to reduce costs and create new value for electricity customers and the grid at large.

We remain trailblazers in the energy storage sector; we’ve continually delivered many industry “firsts,” proving time and again that energy storage is ready for prime time and can contribute meaningfully to a clean energy future.

The market now fully agrees with our founding premise. In 2019, the energy and infrastructure fund ECP purchased Convergent, providing us with the financial resources to continue setting energy storage sector milestones.

Today, the growth and maturation of the energy storage sector is not only great news for Convergent; it is necessary for our planet to move away from fossil fuels and more quickly realize a clean energy future. There is strong alignment among the various stakeholders, sector champions, and investors that energy storage is here to stay, as reflected by “hockey-stick” growth in 2021.

We’ve also grown as a company, taking advantage of our efficient remote work culture to hire top talent across North America to help execute on our mission and implement our values, reflected in our strong third-party Environmental, Social, and Governance risk rating.

Now that maximizing renewable energy, reducing energy costs, and increasing reliability with an energy storage or solar-plus-storage system is a mainstream concept, we are more convinced than ever that energy storage is the linchpin of the clean energy transition. That energizes us to continue developing energy storage and solar-plus-storage systems that embody our tagline, “powered by results.”

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