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Landowner Partnerships

A stable source of long-term income for underutilized or repurposed land

Land allocated to battery storage, or battery storage coupled with solar, provides landowners with a source of long-term predictable income now without compromising future land use options.

Project Types

Standalone Storage

Solar and Storage

Key Benefits to Landowners & Communities

We respect your land and community as if it were our own and provide multiple incentives for partnership including:

  • A stable source of long-term passive income for underutilized or repurposed land

  • Flexible land usage (land can be returned to original use when lease terminates)

  • Battery storage and solar provide for a cleaner and more resilient source of local energy

  • Creation of local jobs and investment in economic development

Why Partner with Convergent

Our team will work closely with you to develop a plan that aligns with your priorities. As the largest independent developer, owner, and operator of energy storage assets in North America, we offer competitive rates for the lease of your land. In addition, we provide:

  • Long-Term Partnership – we own and operate the project for the lifetime of the lease

  • Strong Financial Backing – our company is owned and financed by ECP

  • In-House Development – we manage every aspect of permitting, interconnection, construction, and ongoing operations

  • Good Stewardship – we work closely with local stakeholders throughout the development process so everyone benefits

  • Track Record – we have raised and deployed over $350M across our project portfolio

Landowner FAQs

How is Convergent funded?

Convergent is owned by ECP, a private equity and credit investment firm with $26 billion in capital commitments. Since its founding in 2011, Convergent has over $1bn invested in projects in operation or allocated to projects under development, making the company a leading independent owner and operator of energy storage and solar-plus-storage solutions.

What does the system look like?

The battery storage modules closely resemble shipping containers. We can put foliage around or paint them any color to blend with the landscape. To see what some of our systems look like, please visit our Results webpage or our YouTube channel.

How much space will the system require?

The space requirements depend on the size of the project; a good rule of thumb is 1,000 square feet per MWh of battery storage, and seven acres per MW of solar PV panels. By way of example, a 4 MWh battery storage system would require 4,000 square feet or about 1/10 of an acre, and 5 MW of solar PV would require 35 acres.

How loud is the system?

The battery storage system is no louder than the average residential home air conditioning system and solar panels make no noise.

What is the impact on property taxes?

Convergent pays for all increases to property taxes attributable to its project development.

What happens at the system end of life?

Convergent restores the land to its pre-development state, including removing all equipment, foundations, footings, fencing and underground conduits.

Who handles approvals and permitting?

Convergent manages and pays for all approvals and permitting.

What about safety protocols?

Convergent only contracts with top-tier suppliers and types of equipment. We create a customized, site-specific Emergency Preparedness Plan for every energy storage system we operate.

What about site access and security?

Our projects are securely fenced to limit access to authorized personnel. Once a project is up and running, site visits occur infrequently for routine maintenance and to inspect equipment. All projects are monitored remotely 24/7/365 by Convergent from our network operations center.

If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact the Development Team:

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