Our Mission

Our mission is to build an energy landscape that is less expensive, more reliable, and increasingly sustainable—one that benefits our employees, our communities, our customers, and our planet.

Below you’ll find greater detail about Convergent’s values and our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Program.

Commitment to Sustainability and the Clean Energy Transition

Climate change poses the greatest threat of our time and Convergent is dedicated to mitigating the catastrophic impact of a warming planet on current and future generations by advancing the clean energy transition.

The inability to cost-effectively store electrons has been the biggest obstacle to a more renewable-powered grid, but not anymore. Over the past decade, Convergent has developed new applications for energy storage and storage paired with solar that have pushed the sector forward without compromising reliability.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and the clean energy transition, we proactively pursue opportunities to exceed current environmental standards. We continually strive to reduce waste and the emission of pollutants, recycle, and conserve natural resources. We also promote energy efficiency, both within the company and in the communities where we develop projects.

The future of our society—and our planet—depends on innovation and greater environmental stewardship. If we have learned anything in 2020, it is that individuals have never been more connected—and our collective futures more intertwined—than they are today.

Ren GaffneyGeneral Counsel

Sustainability Resources

Convergent benchmarks its progress against the highest ESG standards according to the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and is independently evaluated by Sustainalytics.


Commitment to a Diverse and Inclusive Company

Although both the STEM fields and energy sector are widely regarded to be among the least diverse, at Convergent, we are committed to fostering a work environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are embraced.

We do our best to attract, invest in, and develop the talents of diverse groups of people who reflect the diversity of our society. We strive to be a place where we all can belong.

We value the broad and rich variety of identities, experiences, ideas, and skills that our employees bring to our firm, and we want to develop and encourage potential contributions. We recognize that everyone brings different qualities, abilities, skills, knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and attitudes to work and that valuing these differences can improve the workplace for individuals and enhance Convergent’s overall performance and our ability to meet the steep challenges facing our climate—and our grid.


Commitment to Ethical Governance

Convergent is dedicated to operating with the highest standard of ethics. Our commitment to ethical governance includes core values that we extend to our team, our vendors, the communities in which we own and operate energy storage assets, and to our investors.

Be Excellent

Establish high standards of quality, drive continuous improvement, make fact-based decisions, work safely, as well as hold each other and ourselves accountable.

Do the Right Thing

Always act with honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. By being forthright but respectful in our communications, we create an environment of openness and trust. Balance the needs of various stakeholders with care and effort.

Be Decent

Treat people with dignity and respect, regardless of who they are, their role in or relationship to Convergent, and their individual backgrounds.

Commitment to Safety

Above all, Convergent is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our systems and the wellbeing of our customers, community partners, employees, and vendors. We have had zero safety incidents since our inception in 2011 and only contract with top-tier suppliers and utilize types of equipment that have the strongest safety rates in North American markets.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are core to our values but we know that the work to achieve a more equitable society requires an ongoing and unending commitment to improvement. To that end, Convergent is engaged in a third-party ESG standards rating process that allows us to benchmark our performance against ESG, establish data-driven goals, and track our progress.