Energize Your Career at Convergent

Powering Forward Together

We named the business “Convergent” because we envisioned a company where new ideas meet new technologies. Having lived that vision for 10 years now, we’ve come to understand that our name actually symbolizes far more than that. Convergent is a place where team members with diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills, and interests come together to collectively advance the renewable energy sector. It is this convergence of our vision with our employees that makes this company unique and drives our success. 

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Financial Strength

In the rapidly growing energy storage sector, a 10-year record of accomplishment is a differentiator. Over this time, Convergent has demonstrated the robustness of its business model and philosophy.  As we expand our business, the continued success and profitability of the company can support our employees’ long-term career growth. 

“Working at Convergent is the best career decision I’ve made. The company has the agility of a startup but the resources of a Fortune 500 company—an incredibly rare combination.” – Ruth Lind, Business Development Manager

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Making Things Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how effectively we work together, whether or not we are in an office. We attribute our smooth transition to a (temporarily) remote workforce to our colleagues’ dedication to and support of one another, open communication, a flexible work culture, and our technology resources. While there are some remote positions within the company, the majority of us look forward to returning to our headquarters in Times Square when it is safe to do so. 

Take Charge of Your Career Today

We recognize that everyone brings different qualities, abilities, skills, knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and attitudes to work and value these differences.

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