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Definition: the highest level or greatest degree.

Peak Shaving → Peak Saving

Convergent’s PEAK IQ algorithm is optimized to reduce costs.

Optimizing energy storage operations requires both state-of-the-art machine intelligence as well as human ingenuity. Convergent is at the forefront of this field and our Asset Management team is dedicated to maximizing value creation for our customers.

Christopher StreeterChief Information Officer + Chief Risk Officer

Grid peaks are becoming increasingly aberrant. In addition to changing weather patterns (including extreme weather events), more customers are actively managing their loads during peak periods. The result: grid peaks are experiencing greater volatility and peak prediction requires increasing sophistication. In Ontario, PEAK IQ is 25% more accurate at peak prediction than public market forecasts.


How PEAK IQ Works

PEAK IQ is the result of seven years of development by Convergent’s Asset Management team. Our proprietary algorithms draw data from the grid operator, weather stations, and energy markets, to make data-driven, real-time decisions about when to dispatch our systems to maximize value for our customers.


Powered by Results

Convergent’s PEAK IQ hits 80-85% of peaks, at a minimum.


Peak Performance

PEAK IQ hits at least 80-85% of peaks with a two-hour energy storage solution.

Peak Availability

PEAK IQ has a 99.9% availability rate since coming online three years ago.

Peak Experience

PEAK IQ has been operating for over 26,280 hours.

Peak Savings

Coupled with the energy storage solution, PEAK IQ can save GA customers up to 50% of their bills.

Peak Shaving → Peak Saving

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