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Convergent has over 800 MW / 1 GWh of energy storage and solar-plus-storage capacity operating or under development.

Convergent delivers results.

When Convergent was founded in 2011, battery storage was a new concept. Over 10 years later, it is being adopted on a global scale. Convergent’s decade of experience and accomplishments in a rapidly growing sector sets it apart. The company is still run by its founders, who developed among the first Non-Wires Alternative for utility infrastructure in 2015 and, later, the largest behind-the-meter battery energy storage system in 2018. Today, approximately half of Convergent’s portfolio is paired with solar PV, creating dependable and clean electricity. Convergent has truly led—and continues to lead—the advancement of energy storage applications for the utility and business sectors. 

Our Customers

Convergent finances and manages all aspects of energy storage development and operations to significantly and sustainably lower electricity bills for the commercial and industrial sector, electric cooperatives, and municipal utilities. Convergent also serves as a capital partner and resource for solar and storage developers.


Convergent is delivering significant savings, increasing reliability, and supporting sustainability goals for Fortune 100 business, grid operators, municipal utilities, and electric cooperatives. Our customers include:

Our Cost Saving and Carbon Cutting Project with Shell New Energies

Convergent has a strong track record of delivering cost savings and resiliency services to large industrial customers. This energy storage offering complements the broader suite of solutions, including energy efficiency and energy management, that we already provide.

Eric BradleyGlobal General Manager Connected Energy, Shell New Energies

Why Energy Storage?

Energy storage—most often lithium-ion-based battery storage—allows businesses to avoid peak pricing and utilities to reduce wholesale demand and energy costs while increasing reliability and supporting the clean energy transition. 

Energy storage (standalone or paired with solar PV), allows power to be delivered at the most strategic times. It is only within the past decade that energy storage has become a cost-effective solution to deliver power when you need it, not simply when it is produced. For the first time in the history of the grid, we are no longer dependent on using energy at the precise moment it is produced.  


Commitment to Sustainability

As part of our commitment to sustainability and the clean energy transition, we proactively pursue opportunities to exceed current environmental standards. Read more about Convergent’s broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Program.

Convergent in the News

Why Convergent?


We finance and develop MW-scale projects that have saved businesses up to 40% off their electricity bills and deferred multimillion infrastructure upgrades for utilities


We guarantee the battery will perform when you need it to


Our PEAK IQ® energy storage intelligence collects and analyzes over 150M data points per day


With a over a decade of experience, we have the storage development cycle down pat


We put our money into the projects, so we are literally invested in making them successful


Our systems advance corporate social responsibility and the broader clean energy transition

Partner with the most dependable provider of energy storage solutions.

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