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Convergent completes second local energy project

By Melanie Irwin

Convergent Energy and Power is celebrating the completion of another energy project locally.

Senior Vice President of Business Development Toby Tiktinsky said a new industrial battery storage system at Shell’s Sarnia Manufacturing Centre is designed to reduce energy consumption at the site by one-third.

“We’ve just cut the ribbon, literally, on a second ten megawatt, 20-megawatt hour energy storage system,” said Tiktinsky. “We did it under joint venture with Shell New Energies and this site is at the Shell chemical complex in St. Clair.”

Tiktinsky said the project took about nine months to complete.

“A lot of that work is behind the scenes permitting, interconnection with the utility, ordering large equipment. The actual construction process is quite fast, it happens in two to three months.”

He said the system will save Shell millions of dollars each year by reducing the amount of electricity used during peak periods.

“There are so many large industrial customers that use a lot of electricity. There are a lot of customers who are exposed to global adjustment charges, which are significant electricity costs, and those can be avoided by installing “behind-the-meter” energy storage systems.”

New York-based Convergent completed its first project in Sarnia-Lambton last year, which is helping an unnamed petrochemical plant save up to $5 million on its annual hydro bill.