Are You…

  • …facing costly upgrades to meet new peak load or to replace aging infrastructure?
  • …juggling budget constraints and increasing capital investment requirements?
  • …facing regulatory and technology uncertainties that complicate long-term decision-making?
  • …interested in energy storage, but concerned about lifetime performance and cost?

What We Offer

  • Convergent offers targeted, utility-grade, fully-warrantied energy storage assets to cost-effectively solve otherwise expensive and time-consuming infrastructure problems.

  • Additionally, Convergent’s assets can help utilities mitigate rising grid costs by providing firm, dispatchable capacity to manage system peak loads and reduce market costs.

  • As an experienced third party developer, Convergent can perform the full development scope, provide risk management solutions, and drive cost savings / revenue increases.

Why Convergent?

Simplify the process

Convergent manages the full development cycle & ongoing operations.

Get better pricing

Convergent aggregates procurements with our suppliers, leading to economies of scale.

Benefit from our experience

Convergent has proven experience in designing, procuring, engineering, and operating energy storage assets. See our project list to learn more.

Diversify risk

Convergent’s pay-for-performance contracting options removes risk from utility and ratepayers.

Maximize revenues

Convergent can optimize and monetize customer or wholesale market value streams and pass these revenues back to regulated T&D operators.