End Users

Are You…

  • …paying increasingly high electricity bills based on your peak usage?
  • …experiencing power quality issues that cost you time and money?
  • …missing out on potential revenue streams from demand reduction programs?
  • …interested in green energy technologies but don’t want to take on the capital burden and risk?

What We Offer

  • Convergent offers commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to participate in the green energy economy without the upfront capital cost and technological risk of a direct system purchase.

  • Convergent’s unique storage-as-a-service contracting structures provide customers with enhanced power quality, reduced peak electricity bills, and new revenue streams from participation in demand reduction programs – all without changing day-to-day business operations.

  • In summary, customers can take advantage of the many benefits energy storage has to offer while Convergent assumes responsibility for technology performance and operations.

Why Convergent?

Let us do the work

Convergent handles system procurement, installation, and ongoing operations with minimal disturbance to your business operations.

Maximize returns

Convergent handles asset operations to maximize savings and revenues – all without any negative impact to business operations.

Reduce new tech risk

Convergent assumes the technological and operational risks and ensures asset operations to provide power quality / energy savings.

Get better pricing

Convergent aggregates procurements with our suppliers, leading to economies of scale across our customer portfolio.

Benefit from our experience

Convergent has proven experience in designing, procuring, engineering, and operating energy storage assets. See our project list to learn more.