About Us


  • Our mission is to develop, finance, and operate cost-effective energy storage assets, creating new value for utilities and end users.


  • Energy storage is a critical component in the reliable, cost-efficient, smart, and green electricity grid of the 21st century.

  • For utilities, energy storage is a utility-grade tool that can provide targeted capacity and load relief in congested areas by utilizing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technologies. These assets can replace costly infrastructure upgrades and can be sited directly in problem areas where traditional generation cannot.

  • For end users, energy storage can provide reliability and power quality to enhance business operations while simultaneously reducing energy costs and / or creating new sources of revenue.

  • By providing energy storage as a service, Convergent reduces the risks and complexity of deploying energy storage assets while allowing our customers to realize all the benefits energy storage has to offer.

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  • Convergent’s core development team brings a deep knowledge and intimate understanding of the electricity sector to each of its projects. This includes a management team based in New York City as well as an experienced group of project executives located throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Convergent’s team has extensive expertise in utility infrastructure engineering and operations, advanced technology and Smart Grid applications, and grid-scale project development and execution.

  • Convergent leverages best-in-class internal talent for its detailed financial modeling, data collection and analysis, and the creation of cutting edge, proprietary and patented market dispatch algorithms and software tools to create optimal value for our customers, tailored to fit each customer’s specific needs.

  • Convergent leverages an exclusive project development team with thousands of megawatts of origination and execution experience in the power industry, representing billions of dollars in transactions.

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